Our Story

Our Story…till now and growing.. 

Bamboo Bark started as a passion project in 2020 when I was looking for stainless steel lunchboxes for my little children. With a deep desire to reduce the consumption of cheap quality food boxes that we know are detrimental for children’s health and our beautiful planet, we set about developing a collection of high quality, nontoxic lunch containers that could be used by the whole family. With little kids of my own who wanted a variety of food options in their lunchboxes and who also did not like their flavors mixing, compartments became essential for school lunch carriers. Hence, all our containers are designed to accommodate a good variety so our kids eat healthy and grow as best as they are meant to. 

Harmful chemicals may leach from poor grade plastic, landing into the food we lovingly prepare for children. Low quality plastic is not biodegradable and remains in landfills for hundreds of years. These reasons were enough to propel us into starting our own line of sustainable products for kids and families.

Besides developing our brand Bamboo Bark which is focused on lunch essentials, we also function as distributors for bestselling children’s brands Baby Shusher and VIIDA. 

All our products are quality tested to ensure safety for our families and you can rest assured that there are no nasties in any.

We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we enjoy creating them  

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